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 Pregnancy Testing and Resource Center

Do you think you may be pregnant?  Your period hasnít come and you are thinking, "This canít really be happening!".  In these anxious moments, it is the unknown that can sear your emotions with panic.  You need to know for sure - not next week, but right now.

The WomanKind Medical Clinic can help. Our fast, confidential, reliable pregnancy test gives you the answer you need quickly.  Weíre here by appointment, or you can simply walk in.

Itís absolutely FREE.

Maybe you didnít plan on becoming pregnant just now. But now that you are or think you are, you need to know everything about your options. At WomanKind Medical Clinic we give you the most current facts on all your choices. We guide you in problem solving and help you to make an informed decision - the right choice for you. 

New Services Being Offered

STD Testing/Pap & Pelvic and Breast Exams. For more information call 920-731-4354.

Who goes to WomanKind Medical Clinic?
Women who need to know right away whether they are pregnant, and what to do if the test is positive. Women who need complete information on all of their options.  Women who need peace of mind.  Women just like you.

We respect your privacy and will keep your visit and the test results confidential.  So please give us a call or stop in.  The sooner you know the facts the sooner you can move forward with your life.

WomanKind Medical Clinic is now a Medical Clinic.
We offer the same great services as before as well as new medical services including a limited ultrasound.

Confidentiality Policy

WomanKind Medical Clinic is committed to keep all information received by the client, in strictest confidence once it reaches our computer. The information belongs strictly to the client herself and to WomanKind Medical Clinic. All notes and files are the property of WomanKind Medical Clinic and will not be sold or used for solicitation of any kind.  WomanKind Medical Clinic will give out a clientís personal information only when it is necessary to obtain help for the client, and only when released by the clientís written permission.


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